Incuvo S.A. Privacy Policy

Incuvo S.A. (Inc.) - hereinafter "Incuvo" - is a company (in Polish - Spółka akcyjna) registered under Polish law, with its registered seat in Katowice, Poland. For any information in regard to this Privacy policy or the collection or processing of your personal data, please contact us at address:

You should be aware that through its products, Incuvo is a Data Controller - the company may collect and process some of your personal information in connection with the provided games, apps and other products or services. By using or accessing Incuvo’s apps, other products or services you consent for such collection and processing to be performed in accordance with this Privacy policy and applicable laws, such as Europe's General Data Protection Regulation.

In case Incuvo may modify the provisions of this Privacy policy, your continued use of our apps, other products or services will be deemed to signify your consent to the modifications.

Should you disagree with any provision of this Privacy Policy or its modification, do not download, install or in any other way use our apps, products or services. Incuvo does not verify the correctness of your personal data, you may however rectify the data or request such rectification at any time.

Why the data processing is necessary (Data Usage)

Incuvo will use your data basically to make the functionalities of your app, product or service available in particular for the purposes of logging into your account, making available the content prescribed to your account, identify your User Generated Content, use "tell a friend" features, for your request of technical support, to display personalized advertisement; and in all other situations where the use of our apps, other products or services requires your personal data or participation.

The above mentioned purposes include measuring various overall game business parameters and performance indicators, such as gameplay duration times, user retention or errors.

Incuvo retains the collected data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes justified by the nature of user’s apps, other products or services, however should a longer retention period be required or permitted by law Incuvo may retain your data for such period.

After the lapse of the data retention period Incuvo deletes all your personal data without unnecessary delay.

Some particular data may be further retained, if necessary (i) to resolve disputes, (ii) for use justified by the proceedings in front of legal authorities, (iii) for user agreements purposes, and (iv) to comply with technical and/or legal requirements related to the apps, other products or services.

The data is processed at our operating offices and in any other places where the parties involved with the processing are located. For further information, please contact us.

Categories of personal data to be collected and processed (Data Collection)

In connection with your use or access to our apps or other products or services the following categories of your personal information may be collected and further processed:

Disclosure to third parties (Data Sharing)

Incuvo does not foresee any disclosure of your personal information to any third party or its affiliates. Should we require such disclosure, appropriate modification will be made to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The foregoing does not include such disclosure that is technically necessary for the app’s, other product’s or service’s functionality with regards to facebook or other platform by means of which it is made available.

The only third parties which we share usage data with, are:

Analytics companies

The analytics companies provide us with access to systems that allow us to measure various overall game parameters, such as gameplay duration time, conversion rates, or user retention, which are necessary to maintain and improve our games' quality. This data is however depersonalized and no third party is able to acquire your personal information from sent events. We are currently sharing some gameplay data with:

Advertisement partners

Having a free-to-play model, our apps utilize plugins that communicate with advertisement providers; the data shared with such providers serves a purpose of profiling the advertisement to better suit the user needs. Opting out of user data processing by advertisement companies would mean that the user gets the same amount of advertisements; they would be however not best suited for a specific user and/or region. We are currently using the following advertisement providers:

Cross-border data transfer

Incuvo transfers data outside European Economic Region for processing within databases, located within Amazon Web Services cloud. Chosen cloud provider (AWS) is secure and GDPR-compliant, as well as our transfer protocols and methods are common, secure communications channels with TLS encryption.

We are sending data to the US territory only, which ensures an adequate level of privacy protection, and as for access and transfer methods and procedures, we have created binding corporate rules (Security Policy) within the organization which establishes industry-level data protection. Periodically we check and may employ additional compliance measures to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Your rights in terms of withdrawal of consent and deletion of data (Subject Rights)

Incuvo shall make good faith efforts to enable you to communicate:

in an easily accessible manner and for the request to be granted in reasonable time.

Apart from the technical possibilities for communicating such request which may be included in your app, other product or in the established communication channels for your service, the foregoing request may be communicated via e-mail:

Please note that the foregoing activities require you to stop using your Incuvo app, other product or service.

Incuvo may require additional information to handle your withdrawal of consent to collect or process your data or your request for the data to be deleted.


Incuvo follows generally accepted industry standards and maintains reasonable safeguards to attempt to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your data.

User Generated Content

All matters pertaining to User Generated Content are governed by the appropriate provisions of the app, product or service EULA or terms of use.

Other information

Incuvo does not knowingly collect any personal information from children under 13 years of age, should any such data be collected it shall be deleted upon Incuvo’s discovery of such fact.

This Privacy Policy is governed by Polish law and compliant with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)